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Courageous Lizard

Welcome to my personal blog made public.

  • Rainstorm Breakdown
    Academic breakdown of how and why the short story Rainstorm (the previous blog post) was constructed.More
  • Rainstorm
    The Adventure of Two Brothers: Handsome Bill and Wild Thomas, two young lads facing off against the elements. Together.More
  • Text Tales #2
    I relate to my friend how everything is not what it seems to be and encourage her to escape the trap of relying on assumption and familiarity.More
  • For all the days I want to quit
    I just wanted to write something simple about the winding rivers of life, but then it got weird. And long.More
  • The Bear Diet and Health Regimen
    Should our lives be bearable or unbearable?More
  • My Earliest Memory
    I go to visit my classmate after an altercation between her brother and my friend.More
  • Mundane Humanity (Get back to the stories)
    I commented on another blog.More
  • Cooking for People Like Myself, Who Don’t Get Cooking
    I attempt to teach how to cook chicken and vegetables in an oven. More
  • Text Tales #1
    A sarcastic reply to my friend’s expression of how deep and meaningful The Giving Tree was to her when she was a child. More
  • Why Online Dating [Usually] Doesn’t Result in Long Lasting Relationships
    Personal analysis hypothesizes a subtle formula behind the online dating experience that reinforces a vicious cycle of short term love affairs instead of long-term commitment.More
  • Mason Jar Mystery
    This is a mystery. How dare you request a summary?!More
  • Sun Stone Scales
    An overwritten, overzealous, and at times redundant attempt to display how one perspective of the lifestyle of reptiles can maybe motivate people to push past insecurities and feel a more transparent and carefree.More
  • Mathematics of Theft
    Explanation with simple numbers of how much theft and loss can cost a business. This is done in an effort to encourage people to think seriously about this one area of unanticipated financial difficulty that retail businesses may face as well as disincline individuals to underestimate the impact of any misunderstood moral discrepancy they may feel tempted to commit. More
  • Park Ducks
    Sad piece of lit from a time when I was transparently emotionally burdened. Not the best piece of writing, but a memory nonetheless. More
  • Malta
    Malta. A writing inspiration that obligated me to begin the blog. I like this one.More